Hello and welcome back to my book review page. This month I’m going to review a great book that goes by the title ‘The Big Book of Metaphors: A unique collection of modern metaphors for use in hypnotherapy’.

The Author is Kerri Formoso. Kerri is a practicing clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist who has based this book on her experiences in the therapy setting.

The book is available from Amazon. (I have no commercial affiliation with Amazon)

The Big Book of Metaphors: Amazon.co.uk: Formoso, Ms Kerri: 9781480295315: Books

Kerri has successfully brought together two different books; a book of metaphors and a book of the practice of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and amalgamated them into one very readable volume.

There are clear and concise commentaries on the process of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy from the theory of the model to the practice.

She describes her own experiences with the clients that she has encountered in her practice since she qualified as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and uses these as an introduction to each of the metaphors that follow.

The metaphors are tailored to the different issues that her clients have bought to her and include some up to the minute language patterns that reflect advances in neuroscience and scanning techniques to the ubiquitous Facebook that can dominate modern life.

In all there are 20 different metaphors that any therapist would find useful as well Kerri’s clinical insights into how we, as therapists, can work with the multifaceted client group that come to us for help.

The book is an easy read that gives information and inspiration in equal measures.