Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy was developed by David Newton following his experiences working as a Solution Focused Brief Therapist and a Hypnotherapist.  He intuited a method of working that took the positive problem solving ethos of SFBT and the access to the subconscious mind that hypnotherapy allows and amalgamated them to work positively and structurally as Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

He also utilised the science of neuro-imaging to develop a modern day understanding of how the brain works to develop techniques and strategies to enable the client and therapist to work together to challenge and eradicate those deep-seated and limiting beliefs allowing you ‘to get to where you want to be’.

This is accomplished by looking at future orientated success and by using trance to allow both the primitive brain and the intellectual brain to come together and focus on what is best for you.

From these beginnings David Newton developed the concept of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and after starting his own practice started training others nationally and internationally.