About Me

Hi my name is Kevin, welcome to Provision Hypnotherapy. I have been working professionally in healthcare for 39 years in the area of mental health. I became interested in the programmes offered by CPHT, I enrolled on their diploma course and graduated with a Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.  I have a passion for the treatment process that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses. It fits with my belief that positive outcomes can be achieved without subjecting the client to the retraumatising process that occurs when using other counselling models.

When I am not engaged in the practice of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy I have an abiding love for working with my hands and can be found in my shed making something beautiful out of one of the most natural resources that the world has to offer us, wood. I enjoy turning although have been known to branch out into other forms of woodworking. The joy and benefit of this is that it is a completely all-consuming process very akin to mindfulness in that when I am in my shed I am completely in the moment and free from other worries and concerns. I also have a fox red Labrador who accompanies me at least twice daily on our walks to keep both of us fit and healthy. When I am not in the shed or out with the dog I can generally be found enjoying a good read or enjoying life with my partner.